2017 Jobs trends in Kolkata

                                  Jobs trends in Kolkata

Kolkata is the biggest metropolis in Eastern India, with a catchment area of more than 20 million people. It attracts job seekers from not only Eastern India, but from all over the North-Eastern India. Kolkata has done better than other Indian cities when it comes to generating new jobs. As popularly conceived, it does not lag behind the rest of India when it comes to the job market.

The hospitality industry is flourishing in Kolkata. Kolkata has many courses in hotel management through its many management institutes. Kolkata has a constant flow of tourists and business guests in the city.

There are many IT, ITES and BPO jobs in Kolkata.

There are many jobs in Kolkata in the banking sector. It enjoys a very good track record in the banking and finance industry. Customer care jobs are also abundant here. The real estate industry in Kolkata is generating employment for both white and blue collared workers.

Highest paying jobs in Kolkata in 2017

SEO Analyst

This profession is an extension of social media and growth hacker. However, with start-ups mushrooming in India, brands keep a separate SEO analyst. While the main job is to read between the lines of your Google search and internet surfing, these professionals graduate from content writing or social media.

Social media manager

A social media manager is the most important part of a brand these days. Most of the people in this profession have less than 10 years of experience. These are the key people in maintaining a brand’s social media reputation.

Relationship therapists

In the West, this is quite a regular profession. However, in India, this job is a new career choice. While earlier it was an extension of psychologists, of late, it has become a profession itself. The main purpose of the job is to suggest people with better relationships, how to begin a married life and allied stuff.

Jobless on campus

As automation cuts jobs across industries and as start-ups find it difficult to get funding, the top recruiters will prefer to stay away from campuses. Big packages, mass hiring and offers will go down.

Technical writer

While writers and content writers are one thing, technical writers are completely different. They also write but their focus is mostly on technicalities related to an IT firm or programming company. For companies specializing in technology like Adobe, Oracle, and similar brands, a technical writer is a must.

Hot skills in demand, job trends for 2017

Corporate Culture

It is no longer only about your skills. Firms realize they can’t afford to attract or retain you simply by paying a market salary. Employers are now looking for a culture fit when they hire you to be happier and more productive in your team.

Mixed team focus

There is increased emphasis on teamwork over individual brilliance. Invest in developing your soft skills, verbal and written communication abilities and learning how to work in a complex team environment.

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