Totally Spies

Totally Spies

My favourite cartoon series is ‘Totally Spies’. It is a very interesting and funny cartoon television show about three undercover spies Clover, Samantha and Alex of an international agency called ‘WHOOHP’ (World Human Organization for Human Protection), who fight against eccentric criminals who try to capture the world using terrible plans from extremely delicious chocolate and mint cookies containing high glucose concentrates to fatten people up, to cosmetics containing DNA which changes people’s facial expressions . Their main headquarters are based in Los Angeles, but they live in Beverly Hills. Currently, they are enjoying their time at Mali U Campus, where they study at a beautiful college in an eco-friendly environment.Here is an introduction to my favourite characters nd villains in the episode ‘ Green with N.V’.

Green with N.V

‘ Green with n.v’ is a special episode which is based in new York, which celebrates Valentine’s Day. The spies get entangled in a mission about a perfume designer named Natalie Valentine, who has created a very famous creation, which is a men’s cologne. Many women in New York City are buying it as a present for their loved ones. Whenever men get sprayed with it, they suddenly stand up and strut out of restaurants and rooms constantly repeating that he must ‘ find his True Love’.


Meanwhile, the super agents have an aim to find a handsome partner for the ‘ Sadie Hawkin’s Dance'( a dance where the girls ask boys to the party) as well, later on at school. They have their eyes on a student named David who works at a coffee shop.Their funny boss ‘Jerry’ loves to WHOOHP ( transport them directly from any spot on the world using secret passageways and even spiralling water currents etc) and give them interesting gadgets. For this mystery they are armed with their Catsuit, Compowder ( a device which looks like a foundation compact used to send distress signals to Jerry when in a tight spot, send samples of clues, and to communicate with other spies), jet aircraft, bungee belts,scanner watches, wonder makeover kits which are specially programmed to spring into action and much more.



The three super spies Clover, Alex and Sam. They have special costumes for their spy missions, which are personalized to their taste. Clover wears a classic red costume, Alex wears a sunny yellow one, and Sam wears a bright green coloured suit. They carry laser beam lipsticks, spicy chewing gums to make them slippery, hoverboards and a few other important gadgets wherever they go.



David – A boy who works at the coffee shop at Beverly High School.Sam, Clover and Alex think he is perfect and very ‘ Sadie Hawkins worthy.’


Jerry – The founder of WHOOHP. He creates new formulas and gadgets like Age Reversing Syrum ( which was not a success as it changed objects into mutations) and Suction Cup bottomed Gogo Boots.When he was a young man, in the 1980’s, he even dated a famous pageant winner, Bertha Bombshell.


Jerry and Bertha Bombshell.

Valentine perfume fgreji

Natalie Valentine – The female villain who is a perfume designer promoting her newest creation in an advertisement at a perfume shop. The spies go to this shop to gather some information from the shop keeper. In the end, when they find out where Natalie’s perfume factory is, they disguise themselves and manage to find out that Valentine was putting her ‘sweat containing  DNA’ into the liquid to hypnotize all men who are receiving the bottles as presents. When Natalie was a teenager, she did not receive male attention, maybe because of her muscular build and manly physique. Therefore, she wanted to take revenge and get all men to fall in love with her. She even managed to lure Jerry into her trap. Matters could have been worse if the spies hadn’t reached there on time.


















eau de cologne


Alex thought that the ad gave her the ‘ heeby- jeebies’.


The spies go to the shopkeeper to collect information about the perfume. The shopkeeper admits that although the promo was cheap and bogus, a thousand bottles were sold that week . “Medelie Valentine’s is a marketing genius”. Clover asks whether she could buy a bottle, but the shopkeeper says that they are all old out. They spot a bottle on display and ask whether they could have it. They take a sample of the perfume and send it to Jerry using their scanner watches and Compowder. In the end, after a brief jet aircraft chase, Natalie Valentine is finally caught and confined to the WOOHP’s Containment Facility.


The spies’ disguise to enter the factory.


When Natalie Valentine is caught, she whines that she only hatched this plan to be ‘ loved’. Clover shows her the ‘ cute hair flip and smile’ which works better on boys than a perfume that hypnotizes them and makes them repeat ‘ must find true love’.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”, Valentine moans as she is sent into the WOOHP Jet.

Interesting Gadgets


High powered faux earring Magnet

ubtrhniRed heat throat lozenge



Submarine suit

vje8dr58Cat suit

CaptureLaserbeam Lipstick

Interesting Character


Granny – She may seem lie a very adorable and cute granny, but she was a notorious robber during her days. She still plots to rob large banks in America, with her two friends, Papa – who served 15 years of jail for organizing one of the largest bank heist in Britsh history, nd another old granny. they were a villain trio in the olden days, and in the episode ‘Granny’, they reunite again. Granny is a very good baker – she makes the tastiest cupcakes and cookies. Alex is reminded of her own granny when she sees her, and they are very funny to see together.


Granny and her two partners now live at WOOHP’s security centre. The surroundings are so serene and beautiful that it often makes clover want to ‘rob a bank’ and stay there.

Granny’s Super Sweet Cupcake Company – One of her bank robbery plans!

m fuib8



When people eat her super delicious cupcake treats, their nature become Super Sweet!


mandyPhoto taken from episode ‘ Mandy Doll Mania’ where Mandy has her own special line of Mandy Dolls.

Mandy is Clover’s constant rival at Beverly Hills High School and even at Mali U Campus. Mandy is one of the richest girls in school. Her two friends Caitlin and Dominique are very pretty like her but they all have extremely terrible screechy accents that are very irritating. That is why villains who know her often target her. She has long black glossy hair, beautiful violet eyes and a pink custard with condensed milk complexion. She wins the Miss Groovy Smoothie Title at the mall along with a violet-coloured sports car and cosmetics when Clover resigns after going through a bad experience in a model mission. She also has an equally blunt and evil cousin named Mindy from Texas. Her mother whose name is Phoebe is shown in a time travel episode and she is dressed in 1980s fashion, with orange shaded glasses and a decorated brown dress that reminds me of a totem pole.She has a secretary named Trent who always obeys her apart from one episode where his DNA got mixed with that of an evil Scorpion Arthropod Villain when Jerry was erasing his memory of seeing the spies( The spies are not allowed to tell their peers about their secret identity of an international spy). Mandy even dated a WHOOHP spy based in Australia named Blaine who Clover was in love with.


Mandy’s secretary Trent.


Caitlin and Dominique.